Meteor 1200 Single Spindle Drilling Line

Meteor 1200 Single Spindle Drilling Line

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The METEOR 1200 is a single spindle drill line that dramatically reduces the amount of labor required for both drilling and on-site assembly. Here are just a few ways in which the METEOR 1200 Single Spindle Drill Line can reduce your labor: Faster drilling: With the METEOR 1200, you can drill multiple holes at once, at much higher speeds and with greater accuracy than a manual drill. This can cut down on drilling time by up to 80% or more, depending on the size and complexity of the components. Precise measurements: Instead of relying on manual measurements and guesswork, the METEOR 1200 uses laser scanning technology to accurately locate and mark the position of each hole. This ensures a perfect fit every time, with no need for on-site adjustments or rework. Reduced manpower: With the METEOR 1200, you can accomplish more with fewer workers. Instead of needing a large team of drillers, you can assign just a few technicians to operate the machine, freeing up your skilled workers to focus on other aspects of the project. Improved safety: The METEOR 1200 eliminates many of the risks associated with manual drilling, such as slips, falls, and exposure to harmful fumes or noise. By reducing the need for manual labor, it can also reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries and other health issues. Working length 40’ Profile height 2” – 48” Profile width 2” – 48” Support table height 40” Length 50’ Height 10’ Width 10’ Weight 26.500 lbs Maximum tool length 12” Drilling capacity 3/8” – 1-1/4” RPM 10 rpm - 3000 rpm Spindle Power 15 hp Total Power 60 hp Tools ATC 6 stations


ModelMETEOR 1200
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