3 ADM ECO 7 Axis Three Spindle CNC Drill Line

3 ADM ECO 7 Axis Three Spindle CNC Drill Line

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All 3 ADM ECO systems are the same as 3 ADM; except for the additional z axes to x and y axes on 3 ADM. On 3 ADM ECO, the beam is driven and brought to the next drilling position after single line drilling. However, as for 3 ADM, beams can be drilled without driving them throughout the beams’ length of 500 mm. (20”) D.O.T. (Optional) Marking unit, rotary and axial progress movements are done by servo motor. Only blocking clamp jaw and blocking clamp jaw table’s movements are hydraulic. It can be marking at the field 60×150 mm. Height of letter = 12 mm. | It can be marking at the field 2,38×6”. Height of letter = 1/2” There is not any necessity move the profile during marking. Because marking head carries out the rotary and the axial progress. Marking head press power is determined with the hydraulic cutting adjustment. Scribing Marking Unit (Optional) Marking unit is included in ATC as a regular set. It rotates 18,000 rpm at 6 bar | 87 psi air pressure and performs marking with carbide insert on the tip. It is possible to adjust the marking depth to any desired depth and the adjusted depth is guaranteed with marking unit which features +/- 7.5mm | +/- 0,3” offset.


StatusFor Sale
Power15 hp
RPM4,500 RPM