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AM Machinery

AM Machinery is a Pennsylvania based importer for Loewer deburring machines; Autopulit polishing machines; and NS tube finishing machines.

Along with selecting the best machines to service our customers, AM Machinery also add years of experience in the industry. They fully stand by and support the machines they provide to the US Market place and their knowledge is invaluable. We are very happy to be able to partner with them to bring these machines to the southern States

AM Machinery Products

Disc Master 4TD

This Deburring and edge rounding machine is available in 40″ and 60″

Using 4 oscillating and rotating discs, the machine removes burrs in a full 360 degree fashion rather than just knocking them down. Using a combination of scotchbrite pads, and specially designed composite sanding brushes, the burrs are removed and a beautiful uniform, keyed finish is applied to the part in a single pass.

Suitable for a wide range of material thicknesses and types, with differing edge conditions, the pads and brushes are easily and quickly switched out as required.

Swing Grinder

Need full 360 De-burring and a finish similar to that of the 4TD?

The swing grinders articulating head and flexibility allow users to easily de-burr and create an orbital brushed finish on this great manual, and budget friendly option. Perfect to take the load off operators for extended periods as the weight compensation makes it much easier than power tool.

The swivel, dual head also makes changing from one abrasive to the other quick and easy.

Round Pipe Finishing

Finish or polish your round tubes with this planetary system and automatic feed machine.

Also great for oval and elliptical tubes, even some bent and curved tubes.

There are a variety of sizes depending on your tube sizes and application.

AM Machinery has a compete range of finishing, de-burring, polishing and sanding equipment in a wealth of sizes and variations to meet a wide range of needs.

The above products are simply a taste, and some of our more popular models and sizes.

Please contact us if you can see the advantages, but are not sure about specifications…

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