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Koch Fabricating Machinery

At KOCH, we specialize in offering high-technology solutions for metal fabricators of Sheet, Plate and Tube.


Specialists In Modern Fabricating Machinery

At KFM, we are dedicated to working with our customers to educate, inform, and help identify your needs to improve your manufacturing process.

By understanding your needs, we can identify the best equipment and options, paired with budget and expectations, to deliver the correct solution.

We offer Turn-Key service. From consultation and ordering to installation and on-going follow-up care. We also like to meet and talk with fabricators to keep you informed about the latest technologies, and how you might improve productivity and ultimately profitability within your organization.

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Specialists In Modern Fabricating Machinery

Our History

Koch Machinery Co. was founded by Jack Koch in 1966. In 1999 Koch Machinery Co. became Koch Fabricating Machinery (based in Dallas, TX) to support the growing portion of fabricating equipment sales within the company. Mark Koch is the President of Koch Fabricating Machinery and oversees the operations of the company.

About Us

Equipping Modern Fabricators

KOCH Fabricating Machinery is 100% committed to providing technology at the forefront of the metal fabricating industry.

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