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With their unique Piecemaker software, and a full range of Plasma tube cutters, Electro-Mechanical Integrators (EMI) could be the perfect fit for your you

Based in Pensylvannia, this family owned and operated operation is growing in amazing fashion.

The time saving and ROI provided by EMI’s unique line of equipment is phenomenal, and once you see them, you may wonder how you’ve ever operated without one.

EMI Products

Apollo and 2100 Series TPC

The Apollo and 2100 are designed around, but not exclusive to handrail manufacture.

With the piecemaker software, a handrail can be designed and ready for cutting in minutes, and a few minutes later, the Plasma has cut all the individual parts with correct angles, copes, holes or bend reliefs, ready for the layout table….that’s right…ready to weld! No more cutting, drilling, grinding etc…watch the video below!

2400 Series TCP

Want to cut rounds, square, rectangle, channel etc. up to 24′ – This is your machine.

The 2400 is the most versatile and loaded machine we have for tube cutting, with the same advantages of the 2100, but with added software capabilities, and an additional axis to allow cutting a variety of cross sections.

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Laser projection layout table

Once your parts are cut, you’ll need to lay them out ready for welding…rather than relying on large scale prints, or time consuming manual measurement and drawing, you can now just project a pattern right on your layout table, straight from the design file!

A Laser projector mounted above the table shows you exactly how to lay out the pieces, and if you need a larger layout, just add a projector.

I’m not sure how this process could get much more streamlined?!


The Angle-Channel Processing Center (ACPC) is used for processing angle, c channel, and flat stock.

EMI’s AC-PC combines fabrication steps into one continuous process, reducing direct labor and floor space requirements while increasing profitability. The AC-PC’s grip-stroke is 20′ and the stock length can be over 40′.

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