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The AHS features a 4 roll design that is arranged in such a way so that the 4 rollers work in tandem to ensure the plate is rolled evenly and without distortion. This innovative design provides an even pressure distribution across the plate, ensuring consistent rolling and high-quality results. The most impressive feature of the AHS, is its ability to achieve a full cylinder with just one pass. The lower roll allows for pre-bending and bending of material, so this saves both time and additional resources. Paired with Akyapak’s high-technology digital display, the AHS is incredibly easy to operate and features programmable settings that allow for the precise repetition of complex bending patterns and curves, making it ideal for high-volume production runs. The hydraulic system also provides precise control over the movement of the rolls, which is crucial when dealing with heavy and large plates. Working Length 8 ft. Max. Thickness 1/2 in. Pre-Bending Thickness 3/8 in. Top Roll Dia. 10.6 in Bottom Roll Dia. 9.8 in Side Roll Dia. 8.3 in Motor Power 15 hp Length 16.5 ft. Height 4.7 ft. Width 5.0 ft. Weight 15,000lbs.


ModelAHS 25-10
Stock Number83
StatusFor Sale
Length of Rolls8'
(Init/Dbl Pinch or Pyramid)DBL PINCH
Max Thickness0.5"
# Rolls4
Power Rear Roll (Yes/No)Yes
Power15 hp
Roll Diameter10.6"
Weight15,000 lbs.