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Other Products

KOCH Fabricating is proud to be able to work with a range of suppliers and share their technologies with customers across Texas.

Other Products

We strive to offer a solution for every need in the sheet metal and plate fabrication industry and value our relationships with the vendors that allow us to serve you better. Contact us for information or to talk about your application, so we can find the machine that best fits your requirements and budget.


Akyapak is one of the best providers of machinery for the structural, plate and sheet metal markets.

From Stuctural I-Beam drilling, machining and processing, to heavy duty plate rolls and profile benders, Akyapak has a solution.

For more information on their line including a full catalog, and help with your specific application, give us a call!

Carell / Eagle

Carell Corp. and Eagle Bending provide a range of solutions for Rolling and Bending from sheet metal and plate, to tube and profile bending.

Depending on your capacity and requirements, this might be the best option for your application.

Carell bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table along with quality equipment.


Offering a Premium level of Coil fed punch and laser systems, as well as roll forming and cut to length lines, Dimeco is a perfect choice for those high volume, low mix shops that want to stream line production and minimize costs.

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about coil fed processing, but Dimeco are the pioneers, and have fine tuned to the point of almost perfection.

To learn more about the benefits of coil fed processing, and what Dimeco has to offer, give us a call.

Cosen Saws

Cosen Saws have everything you need from a basic manual saw, to fully loaded automation with all the options and features you could imagine.

Need a workhorse, single parts or bundles, a range of materials…We’d love to hear from you


Cidan have a range of machines including Folding machines (Panel benders), coil equipment, and sheet metal shears.

This equipment is niche, and if you fit the niche, you won’t know how you managed without this equipment before.


The Piranha ironworker continues to be a staple in almost any fabrication shop

These machines are built to last, and built for work.

Punching, bending, notching, shearing, you name it…and these little machines do it all.

MSS Group – NitroCube

Do your lasers use Nitrogen?

Don’t like depending on the gas providers and being at the mercy of their pricing?

Find out how to economically generate and store your own nitrogen to run your equipment reliably, at lower costs, and without relying on others.

Call us!

Formtek – Maine

Working with coil, or want to start using coil to save on material costs?

Formtek provides a range of coil handling equipment including, but not limited to, uncoilers, straighteners, levelers, cut-to-length lines, and so on.

With a number of companies under their umbrella, and US manufacturing, Formtek have a great range of solutions and can work to find the right one for your application and budget.


Radan provides a range of software solutions for the fabrication industry, from drawing to nesting to post processors and beyond. 

Radan is behind many manufacturing machines, and can integrate with almost any piece of equipment in your fab shop

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Contact us for information or to talk about your application, so we can find the machine that best fits your requirements and budget.

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